Virtual Natural examines a recent, popular trope in advertisements for tech devices:
using stunning Nature imagery to inspire awe and wonder.
The products sold in the ads (television sets, cell phones, tablets, etc.) are tools designed to experience the world from indoors, through a digital screen, contradicting the purported intimacy with the natural environment that the commercials evoke. As a collection of videos, this pattern becomes ominously evident.
The ad's original audio track is replaced with a robotic voice-over explaining how humans impact the object depicted on the product’s screen. The implications of the altered Virtual Natural ads are determined by the viewer's own relationship with the natural world.

Virtual Natural  can be exhibited in multiple ways:
  • single channel loop
  • multi screen installation
  • pre-screening series in theater
  • social media account (see contact)
New videos are added frequently to the gallery. Videos at the bottom of gallery are in-progress.